This is the prime department dealing with fundamentals of crops and different agro techniques of crop production viz. seeds, sowing. Varieties / hybrids, manures and fertilizers, weeds and their management, soil water conservation techniques and irrigation water management. Various dry land/irrigated cropping and farming systems including organic farming under different weather conditions. Weather parameters viz rainfall, temperature sunshine hours, relative humidity, wind velocity, water evaporation in relation to crops and their stages are studied.

   Course Out come

1. AGRO-111 : 1+1 = 2

          Course Title : fundamentals of Agronomy-I

          scope of Agronomy,nutrient use efficiencey of different crops

2. AGRO-112 : 2+1 = 3

           Course Title: introductory Agro- Meteorology and Climate chang Knowing weather parameters

           recording instruments like Rainguage, windvane, cup anemometer, air hydrometer Thermometer, open

            pan evaporimeter and sun shine recorder.

3. AGRO-123 : 1+1 =2

            Course Title : I fundamentals of Agronomy-II

            Information about irrigation systems

4. AGRO-234 : 1+1= 2

             Course Title : Crop Production Technology-I

            cultivation practices for kharif Crops.

5. AGRO-235 : 1+1 = 2

            Course Title  Rainfed Agriculture and watershed Management

            Rainfall Pattern and Information about watershed management 

6. AGRO-246 : 1+1 = 2

           Course Title : Crop Production Technology-II

           Cultivation practices for Rabi  Crops..

7. AGRO-247 : 1+0 = 1

          Course Title :Farming system and Sustainable Agriculture

          Different types of Farming system and IFS and its Advantages

8. AGRO-248 : 1+1 = 1

          Course Title Principles of Organic farming

          Oraganic Farming, Its Principles and Scope

9. AGRO-359 : 0+1 = 1

          Course Title : Practical Crop Production Kharif Crops

10. AGRO-3611 : 0+1 = 1

          Course Title : Practical  Crop Production Rabi Crops

11. AGRO-3612 : 1+1 = 2

          Course Title :Geo-informaticsand Nano technology and Precision Farming

         Geo- informatics -GPS,GIS ,STCR approachbrief information about the nano Scale effect,nano

          particles, nano pesticide ect

12. ELE AGRO-3510 : 2+1 = 3

           Course Title : Weed management (elective)

           Introduction to weeds its Characteristics and control measures

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