Teaching Staff:

Sr.No Department Name of Employee Qualification Email
1 Plant Pathology Dr. Bainade P.S. M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D psbainade@rediffmail.com
2 Plant Pathology Prof. Sayyed S. I. M.Sc. (Agri) naziashaikh787@gmail
3 Plant Pathology Prof. Ingole B.M. M.Sc. (Agri) bhagwat.ingole003@gmail.com
4 Horticulture Prof. Rathod R.R. M.Sc. (Agri)NET rajaram_rathod@rediffmail.com
5 Horticulture Prof. Tonde M.G. M.Sc. (Agri) manaswitonde@gmail.com
6 Agricultural Botany Prof. Jadhav A.V. M.Sc. (Agri) abhay.jadhav@rediffmail.com
7 Agricultural Botany Prof. Bharade V.M. M.Sc. (Agri)NET vikasbharade2894@gmail.com
8 Agricultural Botany Prof. Hiradeve P.N. M.Sc. (Agri) kishorshedgepatil@gmail.com
  Agricultural Engineering
Prof. Nikam R.B. M.Tech. rupalinikam.2008@rediffmail.com
10 Animal Science & Dairy Science Prof. Kardule S.A. M.Sc. (Agri) sagarkardule@gmail.com
11 Animal Science & Dairy Science Dr. Gaikwad S.V. M.Sc.(Agri) Ph. D. sachin_gaikwad.687@rediffmail.com
12 Agriculture Extension Prof. Muley P.P. M.Sc. (Agri) pranita.muley@gmail.com
13 Agriculture Extension Prof. Holmukhe S.S. M.Sc. (Agri) ss.holmukhe@gmail.com
14 Entomology

Dr. Dongarjal R. P.

Ph.D. (Agri.) dongarjalraj@gmail.com
15 Entomology Dr. Shinde D.S. Ph.D. (Agri.) dipakshindeagri@gmail.com
16 Agronomy Prof. Buddhewar N.P. M.Sc. (Agri) 8055118697n@gmail.com
17 Agronomy Prof. Gite R.V. M.Sc. (Agri) Ravigite412@gmail.com
18 Agronomy Prof. Shinde S.B. M.Sc. (Agri) sunil78dl@gmail.com
19 Agronomy Prof. Lad G.S. M.Sc. (Agri) Lgitanjali1992@gmail.com
20 Agricultural Economics Prof.Karanjalkar A.P M.Sc. (Agri) ashukaranjalkar@redifmail.com
21 Agricultural Economics Prof. Dhok A.A. M.Sc. (Agri) arundhok2172013@gmail.com
22 Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry Prof. Bhondve A.A.. M.Sc. (Agri) atulabhondve@gmail.com
23 Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry Prof. Dahiphale  R.B. M.Sc. (Agri)


24 English Prof. Chavan P.L. MA (English)


Non-Teaching Staff:


Sr.No Name of Employee Designation Qualification
1 Shri.Akolkar R.R. Office superintendent M.Com.
2 Mrs. Badag J.P. Librarian M.lib
3 Shri. Salve B.S. Store Keeper B.A
4 Shri. Gadekar S.B. Clerk M.A
5 Shri. Kale K.A. Agri. Assistant Diploma in Agriculture
6 Miss. Shejole V.V. Computer Operator M.C.A
7 Miss. Pankade M.P. Account Assistant B.Com
8 Shri. Aute V.S. Assistant to Clerk H.S.C
10 Shri. Mahale D. B Agri. Assistant Diploma in Agriculture
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