Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry

Basic concept of soil, soil moisture, plant nutrition, soil microbiology, soil pH etc. are studied. Information of plant nutrients in relation to their adsorption, uptake and their utilization is given. Studies on soil salinity, alkalinity, in relation to crop production are done. Studies on manures, fertilizers and agrochemical are done.

1. SSAC-111 : 2+1 = 3

     Course Title :Fundamentals of Soil Science

     Knowing various principles and estimation of physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.

2. SSAC-242 : 1+1 = 2

     Course Title :Problamatic soils and their Management

    Knowingdifferent types of salt affected soils,D graded Soils ,their properties,cause and management practices to overcome        the problem

3. SSAC-353 : 2+1 = 3

      Course Title :Manure, Fertilizer andSoil Fertility Management

      knowing the different types of Manures and fertilizers and study of nutrient, deficiency and management practices to                    overcome the Deficiency.Concept INM

4.ELE. SSAC-364 : 2+1 = 3

     Course Title :Agrochemicals

    knowing the different types of Agro chemicals,their determination and effect on plant

5 ELM- SSAC-485 : 0+10= 10

    Course Title :Soil,Water,Plant and Fertilizer Analysis

    Experience on analysis of Soil,Water,Plant and Fertilizer Samples

6 ELM- SSAC-486 : 0+10= 10

    Course Title :Agricultural Waste Management

    Experience on organic recycling,Modified technologies of compost preparation and sewage water treatement.

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