Sr.No Name of Employee Qualification Email
1 Dr. Bainade P.S. M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D psbainade@rediffmail.com
2 Dr.Patil A.G. M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D ashwinipatil130541@gmail.com
3 Prof. Kurhade K.C M.Sc. (Agri) NET kurhadekaruna@gmail.com
4 Dr. Nisha  M.Patil M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET nisha.agri1021@gmail.com
5 Dr. Mingire S. M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET mingiresainath@gmail.com
6 Prof. Rathod R.R. M.Sc.(Agri)NET rajaram_rathod@rediffmail.com
7 Dr.Kadri I.A M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D idris.kadari2gmail.com
8 Dr.Lokhande S M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET sushmalokhandethorat@gmail.com
9 Prof. B.M. Rathod M.tech (food Technology) balasahebmit@gmail.com
10 Prof. Bharade V.M. M.Sc. (Agri) NET vikasbharade2894@gmail.com
11 Dr.Chavan E.D M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D dreknathchavan@gmail.com
12 Dr.Arbad S.K M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET arbadseema03@gmail.com
13 Dr.Vitnor S.S M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D sushilvitnor2013@gmail.com
14 Dr. Madkemohekar A.H M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D anant.madake@gmail.com
15 Prof. Kadam A.S M.Tech. anjaliskadam@gmail.com
16 Prof. Nikam R.B. M.Tech. rupalinikam.2008@rediffmail.com
17 Prof. Gaupale M.Tech  
18 Dr. Gaikwad S.V. M.Sc.(Agri) Ph. D sachin_gaikwad.687@rediffmail.com
19 Prof.Solanki K.G M.Sc. (Agri) kailassolanki09@gmail.com
20 Prof.Khandebharad P.N M.Sc. (Agri) pranitaskatare@gmail.com
21 Prof. Muley P.P. M.Sc. (Agri) pranitamuley11@gmail.com
22 Dr.kshatriya A. M M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET amitak081@gmail.com
23 Dr.Waghmode Y.J M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET waghmodeyogesh@gmail.com
24 Dr. Dhulgand V.G M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D  vgdhulgand91@gmail.com
25 Dr. Dongarjal R. P. M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET dongarjalraj@gmail.com
26 Prof.Mule S.S M.Sc. (Agri) muleshankar59@gmail.com
27 Prof. Bhagas N.V M.Sc.(Agri)  NET bhagasnv@gmail.com
28 Dr. Mohin Deshmukh M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET mohinideshmukh01@gmail.com
29 Prof. Shinde S.D M.Sc. (Agri) NET sunil78dl@gmail.com 
30 Dr.Phajge  S.K M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET skphajage@gmail.com
31 Dr. Khetre O.S M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET omkhetre@gmail.com
32 Dr. Satpute S M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET drsushilsatpute@gmail.com
33 Prof.Puri S R M.Sc. (Agri) NET sarikapuri20694@gmail.com
34 Prof.Karanjalkar A.P M.Sc. (Agri) ashukaranjalkar@redifmail.com
35 Dr. Jondhale E M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D adityajondhale09@gmail.com
36 Prof Deepika Rathod M.Sc (Agri)  
37 Prof. Bhondve A.A.. M.Sc. (Agri) atulabhondve@gmail.com
38 Prof. Dahiphale  R.B. M.Sc. (Agri) rohinidahiphale42@gmail.com
39 Dr .Zalte S.G M.Sc.(Agri) Ph.D NET Sainathzalte@gmail.com
40 Prof. Patil P.V M.Sc.(Organic Chemestry) pp19529@gmail.com
41 Dr.Dabhade T.R M.A (English) M.Phil. SET Ph.D tanaji Dabhade30@gmail.com
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