About Library

The library for Collegestudent and staff  started functioning since 2006.The necessary and recommended books (reference and text books)course wise  are available in sufficient number.Periodicals like newspapers and magazines are also recieved regularly for updating the knowledge of students and teacher. There is a separatearrangement for staff with separate computers for knowing other details related to their subjects.This library is having total 5398 books out of which 4725 are the text books and 673are reference books


Library Area:

The library is having sufficient area for the stacking books and reading space for students, staff and library staff.

Total Library Area cum compitative foroum: 466.13 sq.m

Library Staff Information:

Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Responsibility


Mrs. Patil J. S.


M.A.,M.LIB Sci.

Maintain the whole library including distribution of books, maintaining the records related to distribution


Kshirsagar S.S.

Asst. Library

B.lib. Sci

Assist to librarian


Shaha Vahed

Lib. attnd


Work as attendant


Library Rules

  • Library will be kept open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
  • Book transaction will be from 9.30 am. To 4.30 pm.
  • All the readers should maintain silence.
  • All the readers should keep their mobile on silent mode.
  • Every reader should keep I card of the college with her/him.
  • Both the student and staff must do entry in the log book. Handle the books carefully.
  • Those students/staff who fail to return the library books in time will have to pay as per rule.
  • Newspapers are not allowed to be taken outside the library.
  • Students must renew or return the books within 7 days and the staff must return/ renew within 15 days.
  • After the due date Rs.1/- per day will be charged as fine.
  • Competitive magazines and journals will not be issued for both staff and students. They are kept for reading
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