Vacant seats (III & V Sem)

16 students from this college have been admitted for Post Graduate in a different departments at different agricultural Universities from Maharastra State through MEAER-PG-CET 2022. 



Click Here to Download List of students Admitted for PG through the MCAER -PG-CET 2022

Notice regarding Covid-19 vaccination

My Dear Students

         I hope you are all safe and good health. Kindly stay at home and follow the guidelines given by state Health Dept.(Mask,sanitizer and social distance)

          Depending on the incidence of COVID-19 Offline classes will be started,however till then online classes have been started by  this college for the III and V semester .

          Kindly adhere to the time  of class and learn by heart . If any difficulty arises  feel free to convey your difficulty through message/ whatsapp  of your course teacher. Even you may send feedback directly  to me also(992155099)


                                                                                                                                ( Dr. D.K.Shelke)

                                                                                                                                Director/ Principal

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